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Update deluge

eigomanga:bl manga translations


Update deluge

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Ok, sorry for the lack of updates recently folks, here's a mass news release -

1. For the anime (from last season till now), whoever needs whatever episodes, please leave a comment telling me and i'll try to upp them for you.

2. We have stopped posting Haru and Viewfinder summaries as these are now available very quickly on their respective mangaka's lj communities. Do check them out.

3. For recently completed translation updates, of note is the Mika Sadahiro Pathos Doujinshi "Confrontation", available at only $2.20 with the scans if you have problems buying a copy of the doujinshi. Mail us to place your order now!

4. UV, continuation to "Irokoi" of the "When a Man Loves a Man" series by Youka Nitta translations, is now being translated by us, and will be available at $6 each. (there are only 2 volumes in this series making the total cost $12). Do leave us a comment/email to us so that we can guage the demand for it and speed up the work if necessary!
  • UV

    hello, i just recently found your site and lj. i have a question, if i would like to purchase UV, do i recieve some sort of book? and will it be translated in english? i just want to make sure so sorry if my questions annoy you ^.^
    • Re: UV

      Hi~ Nah, you're welcome to ask.
      What you will be purchasing is actually the script (text) file of the 2 volumes in English. If you need the scans, we will send it to you as a complimentary service. However, we are a translation service, not an english manga publishing company, so it's recommended that you purchase the original japanese book via any of the online bookstores (jpqueen/amazon, etc), then read it with our scripts.
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