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UV c01

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UV c01

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Here's a special promotional release for UV, by Youka Nitta-sensei. This follows directly after Irokoi, and is the last arc in the "When a Man Loves a Man" series. (otherwise known as the hosts series)


If you like it and would like to purchase the entire translation script of the 2 volumes of UV, please leave a comment!
  • Thank you for the preview :)

    what is the order of the whole Host series arc?
    • (sorry for the late reply)
      When a Man Loves a Man, NightCap, Last Waltz, Irokoi, UV.
  • Thank you very much for the preview.
  • Thank you very much for the preview!!
  • Probably I was the first who ordered this months ago, so let me know how can I get the scripts of both volumes.
  • Thank you so much! I own both volumes, so getting a translation would be great!

    Thanks a million XD
    I like Nitta.So how can I get the scripts of both volumes?
    I want all !!!

    See you

      Update: Volume 1 translations are now complete. Would you like to wait and get both together when #2 is done too, or you want the first one first? ^^


      Translations for both volumes have been completed~
  • Purchase UV's entire translate^^

    How are you?^^ my name is Cristina Reyes i am from Spain(Europe) nice to meet you^^ i saw that you are selling a UV's complete translate^^ and i am interested on it^^ i would like to buy it if i could:) Could you tell me about the price and the payment way?^^
    A lot of thanks for all!^O^
    Have a nice day!
    See you!
    • Re: Purchase UV's entire translate^^

      Please find my email reply on 2nd volume. ^^
  • wooooow thanks so much for the preview!! ^___^ I love this serie!!!
    I'd love to have the translation! thanks so much!!
    • Can you please drop me an email at eigomanga(AT)gmail.com, or leave me your email address here please~?
  • THANKS!!!!!

    Thans for the translation, but how can I buy the 2 volumes?
    Also I am from Brazil, can you send me?

    • Re: THANKS!!!!!

      If you mean the hardcopy of the japanese books themselves, I would recommend online shops like jpqueen or amazon. If you mean the english translation scripts themselves, I can just send it to you in digital .doc(microsoft word) form, it is much faster. Just leave me your email address please~
    • Re: THANKS!!!!!

      Hey seastar~ drop me an email at eigomanga@gmail.com for the translations please...
  • awesome

    do you know where we can get scantrad of UV, it would be so great.

    thanks alot for the chpt 1 I've been looking for this for so long :)
    • Re: awesome

      "Scantrad"? What's that? ^^;;
      To buy the translations of UV volumes 1-2, you can email eigomanga@gmail.com . They will also provide you complimentary scans if you request for it.
  • Wow fantastic! :D Thank you so much for that! :D
  • Thanks for your work.
    I really like this series UV is final part of this series.
    I'm waiting for you ^^
    • Hi water, the scripts are already available, if you would like to buy them, please drop an email to us - eigomanga@gmail.com
  • Thank you for the preview (=⌒▽⌒=)/°
  • Hi,
    I'd love to have the translation too. Pls help me, thank you
    • The translations would cost $12. If you would like to purchase it, please drop a mail to eigomanga(AT)gmail.com, and state if you are paying via paypal balance/bank account, or credit card, and we would send you the relevant information.
  • U:V when a man loves a men series

    I love so much these series and all work of Nytta sensei i would like reads theese final 2 vol. thanks a lot of for your very good work see you
    • Re: U:V when a man loves a men series

      Please drop us an email at eigomanga(@)gmail.com if you would like to purchase the translations. We will send you the relevant information through email.
  • Thank you. ^_^
  • I like Youka Nitta and I have also the previous volumes but the only one missing was UV and thanks to you I can have it now. Can you please send me 2 volumes of UV ?? Thanks for your hard work
  • Thank you soooo much

    I can't begin to describe how I love Nitta Youka's work. For your hard work, thank very very much, I can't wait to know what's happening next!!! I saw the raws for the 2 volumes, and it seems so interesting!!!
    The first thing I'll do when I finish school is to learn japanese so that I won't need to wait for my favorites mangas anymore, and maybe I'll be able to help you guys providing such good work!!!
    I loooove you!!! Thanx again and please keep up the good work!
    • Re: Thank you soooo much

      You're very welcome. That's right, there are many scanslation groups that need japanese translators, so I'm sure you would be very welcomed when you offer. (We are a paid translation service though, so we just provide/sell translations for a small fee.)
  • Thanks for the promo scans.
  • UV

    I would have the entire traslation, if it's. thank for yours hard work
    • Re: UV

      hello, drop us an email at eigomanga(AT)gmail.com please? also do let us know if you're paying via paypal credit card or direct bank transfer to paypal (ie. or existing paypal funds)
  • (Anonymous)
    Hi, the preview link above doesn't seem to work for me, but i'd like to purchase the translation script for uv volume 1 and 2.

    I will send an email to eigomanga(AT)gmail.com as you have instructed others and we will work it out from there.

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