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eigomanga:bl manga translations

Feedback Page

eigomanga:bl manga translations


Feedback Page

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As a way of assuring future buyers who are wary of using our services/purchasing our translations, we have decided to put up a feedback page. It also serves as a venue where you, the customer, can feedback to us on how we can improve. Please leave a comment in the following format:

Subject: Positive/Neutral/Negative

Email Address used during email correspondence (so that we may know who you are):
Translation/Service Purchased:

Thank You!
  • Positive


    1 - Pathos EX DJ (Mika Sadahiro) translation for private use - excellent
    2 - Fan letter translation for private use - excellent
    3 - Kizuna DX extra + new chapters for scanlation purposes - excellent

    We're so happy that we found you! ^^ Your communication is superb, just as the pace & quality of your work. Definitely will be back for more! :)
  • Positive


    1 - Irokoi (When A Man Loves a Man series IV by Youka Nitta) volumes 2 and 3 - excellent
    2 - U:V (When A Man Loves a Man series V by Youka Nitta) volumes 1 and 2 - excellent

    It's good to have someone who can translate something that you would hopelessly read when no one else does it! ^__^
  • Feedback

    Subject: Positive

    Email Address used during email correspondence (so that we may know who you are): Hokulee@aol.com
    Translation/Service Purchased: When A Man Loves A Man (last volume...can't remember exact title)
    I purchased the translations for the last volume of When A Man Loves A Man about a year ago. The transaction was quick, the price was reasonable, the response was fast and the translation was WONDERFUL. The customer service from JC was beyond what I expected. I don't know if you remember JC but I couldn't download the file the first time so you kept trying to resend the link and even asked if I wanted it mailed if we couldn't get the link to work. That was way beyond anything I ever expected and you followed up after to make sure I got what I purchased. Thank you.
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